Academy Online is Unique

Multi-district Online School
We are a multi-district online school.  This means that we can accept students from all over the state of Colorado.  If you are interested in becoming an Academy Online student, please contact us!
Highly Qualified Academy School District 20 Teachers
All of our teachers work in District 20 schools.  They are experienced, highly-qualified teachers.   If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you could even visit your online teachers in their buildings for a face-to-face session. 
Programs to Recognize Our Students
We strive to create a positive, community-based culture so that our students can maximize their learning, both academically and socially. Programs including those detailed below help us recognize those students making a difference in our learning community.

 Mountaineer of the Month

​The Mountaineer of the Month recognizes students who exemplify the qualities of leadership, perseverance, and commitment. Nominated by their teachers or a member of the Academy Online staff, these students have often overcome adversity and/or have contributed to their class, the school, or the community in a positive and impactful way. Mountaineers of the Month are featured on our website and on the course system homepage.

 Current Mountaineer of the Month

We are pleased to announce our December Mountaineers of the Month:
 Melanie Berg
Isabella Brown
Bryan Hubbard
Olivia Martin
Elyssa Medina
Taylor Recaido
Mary Reynolds
Adriana Schear
Hannah Thompson
Max Van Dinter
Ariana Werther

 These students  took three or more Extended Studies courses, and achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher!


 Peak Performers

​Each week, AOHS recognizes students who have maintained a grade average of B or higher as well as any students who have been mentioned by their teachers as being a student of integrity and performance.

 Past Moutaineers of the Month

Month ​Mountaineer
​December, 2015​Melanie Berg, Isabella Brown, Bryan Hubbard, Olivia Martin, Elyssa Medina, Taylor Recaido, Mary Reynolds, Adriana Schear, Hannah Thompson, Max Van Dinter, and Ariana Werther
​November, 2015​Logan Martin, Olivia Martin, Isaac Perkins, Mary Reynolds
​October, 2015​Adriana Schear
​May, 2015​AOHS Graduates: Kennedy Eaton, Elsie Hargis, Sarah Hewett, Brandon Lucas, Stephanie Morgan, Jenna Oswald, Megan Sheesley, Hannah Stackhouse, Christina Turley, Lorraine Yinger.
​April 2015 ​Melanie Berg
February, 2015​ ​Adare Durivage, Lilliana Hamilton, Tanner Haughn, Michael Phillips
January, 2015​ ​Melanie Berg, Kennedy Eaton, Adam Martin, Logan Martin, Allison Merges, Adriana Schear, Christina Turley, Kyle White, Lorraine Yinger
December, 2014​ ​Adam Martin
November, 2014​​ Kennedy Eaton
October, 2014 Teacher Dani Roiko
September, 2014​​ ​WEB Leadership Team