Clubs and Activities

 Clubs and Activities

Band.jpgIn accordance with Colorado Revised Statute 222-30.7-108, a student who is participating in an online program, other than a student who is participating in the online program after being expelled from a public school, may participate on an equal basis in any extracurricular or interscholastic activity offered by a public school or offered by a private school, at the private school's discretion, as provided in section 22-32-116.5.


In order to be eligible to participate in athletics and activities:

1. A student must carry 5 full-credit classes the semester she/he competes and 5 full-credit classes in the semester before she/he competes. If a student is going to participate in athletics and activities, he/she must always carry 5 full-credit classes. (Student assistants receive 1/2 credit; partial absences and study hall receive no credit.)


2. The student must not be failing more than 1 unit of credit at the time of participation or the semester before he/she participates.


If you are a full time AOHS student interested in participating in clubs or activities at your neighborhood school, you should contact the AOHS office or the counseling department at the neighborhood school.

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 D20 Robotics Club

​Rocky Mountain Robotics is the Academy School District 20 Robotics Team. The team is made up of students from different high schools in Colorado Springs and is filled with creative and motivated life-long learners.The goal of the team is to create a legacy of excellence in science, engineering, and technology. We build people who build robots while encouraging students to reach as high as they can dream. Learn more about us by visiting Contact Laurie Hughes for more information!