From our Principal

 From Our Principal

Welcome to our school!  Village High School (VHS) is one school with two unique programs designed to meet the needs of students.  We are committed to creating a learning environment that is tailored to the needs of each individual. 

Our most popular program is a hybrid learning experience called The Village.  This program provides a flexible schedule for students involved in athletics, music, theater, or other community activities.  Students learn through individualized competency-based curriculum, engage in collaborative problem solving activities, and conduct personal inquiry investigations.  All upperclassmen have the opportunity to participate in community-based career exploration and internship experiences. Each grade level has a maximum of 50 students.  This small learning environment allows us to build deep relationships with our students and to further personalize the learning experience. 

We also have the Access Program which is designed for students that need a completely online environment.  This program serves students that are not able to physically attend in person classes because of health concerns, a temporary move, or for students that don’t live in the Colorado Springs area.

In both of our programs, our goal is to create a school community that provides connections between students and staff. We have an amazing team of educators who are committed to the success of each student. If you have any questions about VHS, please let us know. We look forward to partnering with you.


-Nathan Gorsch