​The Village 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can enroll?

We enroll students in grades 9 -12.

What are competency based courses?

In a competency based system, students take pre-assessments and have opportunity to demonstrate mastery on content, which will then allow them to focus more on content they have not yet mastered.  Once students have mastered all course content, they will move forward in course progression.  Students have flexibility in how they complete the courses during a semester.   Some students choose to work in each course weekly, while other students focus their time on a couple of courses at a time. All students are expected to complete his or her courses by the end of the semester.  

What type of diploma will a student receive upon graduation from this program?

Students will receive an Academy School District 20 diploma, just like in our traditional high schools. The courses that students complete will show on a D20 transcript for college consideration.

Is transportation provided?

We are located at the Center for Modern Learning. 

For further information about transportation options, contact district transportation at 719-234-1410.

Who are the teachers in this program?

There is a highly qualified teacher in every core content area. For further details, please visit the staff page.

What if my student has an IEP?

Students with an IEP can apply for The Village. We consider if the needs of the student can be met in this unique environment.