The experience of taking online or hybrid courses can feel much different than being in a physical classroom everyday. In a traditional classroom, often the teacher is doing most of the work, and you are following along. In an Extended Studies classroom, there is a shared ownership for learning: you often determine your schedule, and you might initiate communication with your teacher more frequently than you have before. This format can be an incredibly freeing experience, but also one that requires maturity, self-direction, and proactive time management.


We believe that you should take an honest inventory of your readiness for this experience. However, we also believe that all students should complete at least one online or hybrid course before graduation, for many of us encounter online learning in our careers and/or in college; plus, these courses foster important skills for success—taking such a course in high school can only help students better prepare for life after graduation.  

Successful Extended Studies Students are...

  • Willing to communicate with adults via email, phone, text, and online synchronous tools (like Skype).

  • Responsive to communication initiated by the teacher.

  • Cognizant that Extended Studies courses are just as rigorous as a similar in-building course, if not more rigorous because of the high level of independence they require.

  • Good at managing their own time, as evidenced in completing homework before deadlines and completing it to the best of their ability.

  • Equipped with the ability to approach challenges positively and proactively.

  • Best when working independently and using technology to interface with content and other people.

  • Interested in earning college credit in high school.

  • Interested in exploring topics and courses that are different than or beyond the standard offerings in their high school.