Counseling Services at Village High School   

Kimi Cain is our full time counselor for Village High School. We also have a part time college and career counselor, Gary Savoren.  The counseling office is located at VHS offices at the Center for Modern Learning.  

Parents and students are encouraged to e-mail or call with questions and/or to schedule an appointment. If you have a general question or concern, the most expedient way to communicate is through email: You can also contact  a counselor by phone and voicemail at 234-1971 during the school year. 

Mrs. Cain and Mr. Savoren follow the American School Counseling Associations (ASCA) ethical guidelines.  Our counselors support students' Academic, Social/Emotional, and College/ Career needs.  Student confidentiality is maintained unless the disclosure is in regards to the welfare and safety of the student or potential harm to others.  Information will then be shared with parents/guardians or other appropriate agency without the students' consent.  Please do not hesitate to contact our counselors if you have specific questions or concerns regarding student confidentiality.  

District-wide Program Information:


Academy District 20 utilizes the SOS - Signs of Suicide Prevention Program, which is designed to be shared with students and staff on a yearly basis in an effort to keep our students safe and properly informed about how to handle depression and suicidal ideation in themselves or others.   Visit SOS for more information.

Career Start 

High school students may enroll in the PPCC Career Start, which provides career and technical training in several program areas. This program provides an opportunity for students to earn high school credit and college credit.  At the end of a student's enrollment period, any college credit earned will be documented by the faculty and forwarded to the PPCC Student Services Centers.  

Visit Career Start for more information about to see the program areas available.  

Please email Kimi Cain ( for more information about this program.

Cyber Security and Coding

We have two pathways in the areas of Coding and Cybersecurity. These pathways consist of a two year course sequence that fuses relevant and real-world curriculum.

Students may have the opportunity to earn college credit, enroll in coordinating math and English core courses, earn industry certifications, and participate in enrichment activities. Students will learn from D20 instructors in a high-tech lab environment at the Center For Modern Learning.

Visit Coding and CyberSecurity for more information.

VHS Program Information

We have counselors available for a variety of student needs.  VHS has a Stress and Anxiety support group to help students learn healthy coping mechanisms.  

Visit Healthy Coping for Stress and Anxiety for more information.

If you have questions about this program, please email Kimi Cain, VHS Counselor.