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​Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Village High School program right for me?

  • The Village: This program is for any 9th through 12th grade student who wants a full-time blended learning experience. This program is focused on problem-based personalized learning in a small environment. Students in this program are drawn to the flexibility of school time, in-person elective experiences, and the abilty to work with great teachers. 

  • The Village FAQs

How do I enroll in a program or course?

See the Admissions page for instructions on how to enroll in a program or course.


How many students go to Village High School?

Our program is evolving:

In 2017-18 we had about 130 full time students and 120 part time students with Extended Studies.  In the 2018-19 school year, we had approximately 160 primary students and 120 students in Extended Studies. Currently, we have about 240 students in our primary program.


Do I have to be a D20 student, and how do I transfer to Village High School?

To enroll in The Village program or the 9th-12th Grade Full Time Online program, you do need to be a D20 student.  If you are not currently a D20 student, consult the guidelines of our Central Registry to enroll in Academy District 20.


See the Admissions page for details.


Why do families choose Village High School?

Most often, we hear that Village High School offers flexibility, personalized enviroment, and access to high-interest courses. 

The Village program allows for work online but also builds a relationship between coursework, teachers and students.  Some students who seek out our program are highly involved in extra curricular sports, theatre, dance, or other passions.  Other students choose our program because of their learning styles and the personalization our program can provide.