Village Electives

All students in District 20 have core courses (Math, Science, English and Social Studies) and Elective Courses that vary based on the high school and student interest.   Some electives are required for District 20 graduation, such as completing a year of foreign language or completing some physical education courses.   The Village staff value elective courses!   It is often a student's experience in an elective course that ultimately helps to shape their future and fuel a personal passion.  Village students spend the majority of their time on campus for elective classes.  Outside the regularly scheduled day, students self-schedule their time for work in on-line core classes (in Accelerate), time with family, time training for their sport, time practicing their art, etc.

The Village elective experiences are designed with our Loading Bearing Walls in mind:  students practicing the skills necessary to be independent, to be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing, to be able to collaborate with others, to make reading a part of their daily routine, to pursue lifelong wellness (both mentally and physically), and to pursue their passions.   Electives provide the opportunities students need to practice these "soft", but critically important skills for use in their post-secondary lives. 


Village Signature Electives

Students are automatically scheduled into these courses when they enroll at the Village.  

Elective Title – Grade level

Description of Elective Course

Writing Lab – 9th and 10th grade


Writing Lab is an interactive and collaborative approach to drafting, editing, revising and publishing student writing.  Students work both independently and in groups on writing tasks meant to challenge and interest them, starting each day with a writing warm up and working from there on a variety of tasks, with the end goal of publishing their work.  There is an emphasis on the differences between narrative, informative and persuasive writing, with the hope that students will become informed consumers of the written word in their adult lives.

(Core Elective)

Inquiry -9th and 10th grade


Every ninth and tenth grade student has the opportunity to take Inquiry, a class meant to spark and ignite their curiosity in the world around them. The requirements are simple: learn something new and then share what you learned with your peers.  Research skills, public speaking, and formal presentation skills are emphasized in the course.

(Core Elective)

Collaborative Problem Solving -9th, 10th and 11th grade

Student in grades 9-11 participate in collaborative problem solving: an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and ultimately explore solutions around our world's most impactful societal problems. The emphasis in class is in collaborative skills, including discussion of opposing viewpoints and working through conflicts.

(Core Elective)

Personal Finance -11th grade


One of the required Village electives for 11th grade students at the Village is Personal Finance. Accelerate offers an online finance course around financial planning, wise consumer spending, and career planning (to include retirement planning and information on benefits). Unlike with other Accelerate courses, students also have a designated class time for Personal Finance to discuss the skills in person and explore content on a deeper level.

(Core Elective)

Career Explorations – 11th grade


Another required elective for 11th grade students at the Village is Career Explorations. We believe that students should have the opportunity to explore post-secondary education and career during the school day while still in high school. This course is centered on that work.  Students spend time looking at education for the careers they are most interested in pursuing, and intentionally examining why certain careers match their passions and personality.

(Open Elective)

12th grade



****Seniors will be scheduled individually based on credit deficits, post-secondary plans, availability of college courses, internships, etc.

Group Picture Rampart Reservoir, 2015.jpg

Hiking Expedition- Rampart Reservoir

Village Elective Options

Students may choose or specialize in certain elective areas.

Subject Area


World LanguageSpanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, 
ArtArt 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4,
Physical EducationGlobal Health & Wellness, Intro to PE, Co-Ed Cross Training, Individual Life Sports, Fitness Yoga 1
Additional Core ElectivesMath Lab
Open ElectivesPublications, Individual Projects, Programming 1


Individual Projects Examples
Photography, Current Legal Issues, 3D Design/Modeling, Interior Design, Music Theory/Composition, Coding, Improv, Beekeeping, Outdoor Survival, Novel Writing, Board Game Design, Genealogy, Globetrotting and Animation/Cartooning. 
Student Creating a model beehive for the Independent Projects Elective
Student creating a Model Bee hive in Independent Projects Elective


Spanish 1 and  2 - Activities for Dia de La Muertos

Spanish 1 and  2 - Activities for Dia De La Muertos.jpg

For specific information about Elective Experiences, please contact Lindsay Keller, Elective Coordinator.