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Our New Home, The Center of Modern Leanring is under construction. Opens Fall of 2018. Welcome to Academy Online High School

Welcome to AOHS!  We will be located in the Center for Modern Learning starting in the Fall of 2018.  Thank you District 20 voters!

Academy Online High School is one school with three programs.

The Village                                                      

Our most popular program is a hybrid learning experience called The Village.  This program provides a flexible schedule for students who are involved in athletics, music, theater, or other community activities.   The learning experience with The Village includes online competency-based core courses and in-person elective courses such as personal inquiry, collaborative problem solving, writing lab, and individual projects.  Upperclassmen will also have career exploration and internship opportunities. 

Students at the Village have a personalized learning experience with a maximum of 40 students per grade level.   Students will have a blend of online learning and in-person experiences.  To learn more, please visit The Village.   


Extended Studies                                    

This program challenges students with a variety of courses through hybrid and fully online courses that students may otherwise be unable to access at their primary high school.   Students in this program attend their primary High School for a partial schedule and take online classes in place of courses they may take in building - increasing flexibility of the student schedule.    All courses taken through AOHS will help students meet the D20 High School Graduation requirements.  To learn more, please visit Extended Studies.



Access is fully online program intended for students with specific circumstances who may be unable to attend the Village or a D20 high school.  Access students complete their high school experience in a non-traditional environment by taking online or hybrid courses.  To learn more, please visit Access.


Village students at the Space Symposium

Village students at the Space Symposium. 

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Like the Center for Modern Learning, our website is  also under construction.  If you have any troubles finding something you need on our website, please feel free to email Carol Kramer

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