For Parents
​For Parents

 Parent Portal

  • Extended Portal: Keep information up-to-date through the Parent Portal.
  • Infinite Campus: Check student grades (AOHS grades may experience a lag of one to two days while Desire2Learn synchronizes; D2L always contains the most current information). If your student attends another D20 school, make sure to select Academy Online High School from the drop-down in the top left corner of the window.
    • Mobile App District ID:  GDZLLZ

 Grading at AOHS

​Academy Online High School courses use a standards-referenced reporting system for grades. This means that all assignments are linked to one or more content standards, and teachers score those assignments on a 4-level proficiency scale/rubric. We believe this system is best for students because it ensures relevancy, rewards meeting learning goals (and practicing along the way), helps students and teachers focus on learning, and is consistent.


All parents receive a letter detailing the standards-referenced learning and reporting system, and each course contains that information as well.

 Helping Your Student Be Successful

​In addition to checking the Desire2Learn course interface and the IC parent portal, the following are ways you can help support your student's success at AOHS:

  • Monitoring the schedule: Course flexibility is one of the main draws to online courses; however, it can also be one of the most challenging aspects. Students should budget 60-70 minutes per day per class (Monday through Friday).
  • Encouraging self-advocacy: If your student is having difficulty or has a question about a course, the teacher wants to know! Please encourage your student to reach out and also to respond to communication from the course instructor when received. 
  • Attending meet the teacher night: Each semester, AOHS runs a Meet the Teacher night, a great opportunity to put a name to a face, to get specific course information, and to ask questions.