Success at AOHS
​ Success at AOHS
The experience of taking online classes can be so different from being in a physical classroom every day. The challenges, then, lie in making the right adjustments in your role as a student and learner. When you make this adjustment, the results of completing online classes can be extremely rewarding. 
The most successful online students communicate regularlymanage time well, are self-motivated, and make a strong effort. When you take classes at AOHS, you'll learn more about these traits in the orientation.

 ​Communicate Regularly 

All of your teachers and the staff at AOHS are committed to helping you be successful. They will communicate with you frequently; read and listen to their communications, and respond when necessary. When emailing, represent yourself well by using proper email format. One of the best way to do your best is to reach out when you need help...even if you  just need a motivational jump start!

 ​Manage Time Well 

One of the most important skills that an online student needs to learn is time management. Online classes do provide most students with additional flexibility and freedom. Although this is a major benefit for your online classes, it can also cause students the most problems. When students procrastinate and miss deadlines, they are also missing out on a tremendous learning opportunity, so make a schedule, check in daily, and look ahead.

 ​Are Self-Motivated 

You choose your attitude toward your work. When you think positively about your classes as an opportunity to learn and to be a part of a community, the work will be more rewarding.

 ​Make a Strong Effort 

You might have heard the words grit and perserverance. Grit means to grab hold of something and be determined to see it through. To persevere is to persist—when times get tough, don't give up. Take a break, talk to people, create a plan...have some kind of strategy that works for you in order to maintain grit and perseverance.